Consider a product for the holidays, for specialty grocery, hotels, airports, or a gourmet retail store.


Ongoing market research in all markets is something we do. Our goal is to match or improve what's currently on the shelves. Considered a new brand with a unique flavor to place in every grocery store.     

Natural Foods

As you know Natural and Organic Foods are a growing food category. Consider diversifying your current product line with a non-gmo or certified organic product.    

Health and Fitness

Probiotic, high protein, antioxidant, or vitamin C popcorn are some of the possibilites. Already selling in GNC. We have a solution. Give us a call.    


Liquor stores, Gas staions, Seven Elevens and General Stores are a hugh market to target. Try a single serving popcorn in your city to place in all the convenient stores.    


International food companies may want to try American style popcorn! Most countries are not able to grow and flavor the popcorn US style  and would be new, tasty and different in countries like Costa Rica or Japan. Try popcorn overseas!