Popcorn Production

We have an efficient and dependable production facility and have the ability to pop your popcorn into many of different textures, shapes, sizes, and flavors.  We focus on oil popping or air popping then adding flavoring, coating, seasoning , caramelizing or chocolate drizzles 



Chocolate Drizzles

Popcorn Snack Mixes

Added Supplements, Protein, Vitamins, Probiotics


Gourmet Flavors

Sea Salt Flavors

Spicy - Jalapeno, Curries

International Flavors

Ethnic Flavors

Kettle Corn Varieties

Added Protein

Added Vitamins

Added Suplements

 Email or call us to discuss your project.

Minimums and Criteria

Existing Popcorn Brands

We love start-ups but we are a best fit with established popcorn brands. We're ready to produce and extend your product into additional markets!

Minimum Order Quantity

Our minimum will vary based on the package size and the type of popcorn. Quantities between 5,000 and 250,000

Large Scale Markets

We have knowledge of different popcorn for each market and can help you accomplish your goals. Preffered markets are C-stores, Big Box Retail, Chain Stores, 

Additional Services

Product Development


We can help you source ingredients and create a unique flavor that will sell in your market and is a cost effective solution. 

Packaging Design


A package’s design is a selling point in itself, and adds to the product’s desirability. Our team knows that both practicality and attractiveness play a crucial role in getting a product off the shelf and into a consumer’s hands. Food and other product packaging design services can be customized to serve a range of customers across different industries by utilizing a variety of packaging formats. 

Contract Packaging


Our semi-automatic system is designed to suit a full range of unique product requirements. We offer the highest quality sealing and filling available produced at rapid speeds, ensuring efficiency and cost-effective performance.